What's going on with this release? Tracks shaded like there are open edits, but none are shown

This release is all messed up:

I’d like to edit it and fix it up, but all the tracks show that there are pending edits – but are there?

What’s going on here?


It seems that the release merge edit that marked all those recordings as pending, has not freed them from this status.

Are you less lazy than me to create a Jira bug ticket?

By the way, I think you did notice that disc 1 tracks were all linked to wrong recordings.
You shouldn’t have any issues if you try to fix it now.
But should we leave this release in the current state, for the sake of debugging the bug? :slight_smile:

I never remember the Discourse @ mention for the MB dev team…

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Here’s another example that happened when I merged a few tracks on the album Coda by Led Zeppelin. It has also been broken for months now and this one seems to possibly have be caused by a merge recording edit and a merge release edit being open at the same time.