"What type of work is this?" Thread

In case you were confused about what type a given work should fall under, this is the thread to ask.

I will start with a silly one.


This is a book containing photos of cats wearing hats and instructions about making said hats. Would type would it fall under?


In other words, what cat-egory does it fall under? :wink:

There is a relevant ticket that I just wanted to point out : [BB-403] Works: Type of non-fiction should have more sub-options - MetaBrainz JIRA

I would definitely appreciate a concerted effort from all of us here to come up with a good list of types of works to add to the database, along with a short description for each.

A list was posted of the Bookogs work genres in the following thread, which would certainly need a good clean-up but could be a good starting point: Bookogs genres


For this case, I think “photobook” would be the best choice. If secondary types were a thing, maybe “guide” as well.

I don’t think “type” and “genre” are the same thing. For example, I don’t think “Romantic poetry” should be a different type from just “poetry”, it should be type “poetry” and genre “romantic”. Or a philosophy textbook about Kantianism could be type “philosophy”, genre “Kantianism”?

But, from that philosophy context, there might be smaller works focused on individual parts of some philosopher’s system that people might want to search for. I don’t think “kategorischer Imperativ” is a genre or type even though there are countless books about it. I’m not so sure about this one.