What to do with ambiguous release

For release:

What are the thoughts on what to do with it? There is no information except for a track listing. No other data, media type, references, etc. It according to history was an unverified import from freedb. It is my opinion that given the broad selection of release versions for this, a generic track listing with no definition serves no purpose.

I would assume delete this release and maybe merge the recordings into one of the other many duplicates, assuming any of the recordings would become rogue.

Feel free to just do if it suits best.


It does seem to have a unique track list.
This does not match an edition mentioned on wikipedia or discogs.

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That is part of why I am asking. Thing is though… we know all the versions of the release that were released… officially at least. For bootlegs, without any data or anything, if that is the case here, is there value to it, or is it just as valuable as a playlist, which in MB is not value? Also, I consider that an editor did not add a part of their collection, but this was an import add from freedb, so even the “word” of the editor is not here.

I am unsure. I added a lot of bootlegs, even some that start to get a little close to pirate bootlegs. But for me, I still require, even in my own metadata, sources of the release if I am to store it as an album (if that makes sense).

It is weird at MB… I had an editor flat out deny adding a release because it was too close to just being a release made of the track listing for 2 official albums, although it had artwork for it and solid references. But then there is stuff like this, where for all real purpose is a list of recordings with nothing behind it. Me, knowing this variation in how things are done, am seeking the opinions of others, trying to respect both sides of it.

Normally, I’d say remove if there’s no info. That said, @voiceinsideyou is (or was, not sure if he still drops by) an editor with a great track record and he did claim he was PUIDing it (the old equivalent of submitting acoustids) which suggests he did have a copy. You could try commenting on the release add edit and seeing if he gets back to you.


Thanks for that info. That sort of answers the query here… leave this one be and try to get more info. Your information reverses my istatement of editor trust not there.