What to do when a particular version of an album is missing from MusicBrainz?


New MusicBrainz Picard user. I have the DVD-Audio version of Yes, Close to the Edge. It’s identified as the Blu-ray version though. When I right click and choose “Other Versions,” the DVD-A version is not an option. Is there a way to add it?


Hi, welcome to MusicBrainz.

There absolutely is a way to add it. if you start from the How To category, you should be able to find all the information you need on creating an account, adding a release(that is, a specific edition of an album), adhering to style guidelines and so on.

A word of warning: it’s kinda addicting.

See especially how to duplicate a release, which will reuse the track names and recordings from an existing edition, eliminating a lot of manual entry.


Yes, add the DVD-A release to the same release groupClose to the Edge” by Yes.

Two ways (among others) to do it:

  1. If the tracklist is close to another release (for example the Blu-Ray one), use “Add release” in the “Editing” section in the right sidebar of the release group page, then fill the form and use an “Existing medium” to have a close basis for adding the tracklist.
  2. Otherwise, use Picard plug-in “Add Cluster as Release” to feed the tracklist from the cluster of files you extracted from the DVD-A. When filling the form, copy the above release group URL to the release group field.