What to do, what to do

Looking back through some of my old edits, I found a glaring mistake on my part. I added cover art to this release back in my early editing days. This morning I discovered that the catalog number on the cover art I added doesn’t match the cat. number on this release. I checked AllMusic, Discogs, Amazon, and searched Google for the catalog numbers, and I can find no evidence for the existence of the number on the release (433 534-2), but ample evidence of the number on the artwork (433 523-2).

It appears there were once two release records of this box set. A set including the 433 534-2 cat. no. was merged into a release that had no cat. no. (this is my presumption, since there is no edit record adding a cat. no. in the history, and the cat. no. only seems to appear in edits after that merge).

So I’m contemplating whether I should add a new release and correct my mistakes on the existing one, or if it would be appropriate to just change the cat. no. to match the artwork (since I can’t verify the old number, and everything else seems to match).


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433 523-2 fits with the barcode 028943352321 and is supposedly the correct cat# for this release. The best will be to change the cat# (I suspect a typo anyway)


You could also add the label: L’Oiseau‐Lyre as that is on cover and discogs link. And when you look at that label you see the pattern that @ernstlx points out that the cat no is in the barcode. Looks like a clear typo that can be corrected.


Ah, good. I didn’t notice that. Thanks @ernstlx and @IvanDobsky.

Ivan, yep, I planned to add the label name as well.