What to do about unresponsive Editors?

I regularly go through the long list of all open edits and vote a lot. Whenever I vote “no” on a new editor’s edit I go look at their other edits and if there are some flawed ones I subscribe to the editor and try to guide them a bit with constructive criticism.
Once they seem to get it I usually unsubscribe - at least if their kind of music doesn’t interest me.
But some editors never respond to comments on their edits and never cancel edits when they are pointed out as duplicates or show that they understand the criticism in any way.

There is currently one editor who is active and never responded to anything though in this case I think it’s just because she only seems to speak french and I don’t. So could someone who speaks french maybe contact her and check if she understands why 22 of her edits were voted down? Thanks.


Generally, for fully non responsive editors, you can use the report option :slight_smile: @Freso will then see it and decide what to do, which in a case like this might just be to contact a French editor about trying in French, or write directly to the user (or ask a French user to translate an email to send to them).


This same person has also had 1300+ edits go through fine. So 22 rejected items is fairly low. I think they are probably getting the hang of what their mistakes are. Whilst also getting confused by the English replies. (And how well translated are the French instructions here?)

Made me laugh when I looked as I could see that they had responded to me in February.

There is a problem with how comments work at MB. There is no simple way to list the edits that have been commented on. I find it can be hard to spot and continue a conversation once comments have been made. Especially if it is on someone else’s edit.

Not sure how to report it. When I login I check the menu My data > Edits for my Subscribed Entries. If I see something on there with an issue I then add a comment. Only problem is I then won’t see any replies as next time I look at this list the edit I commented on has now disappeared from the list.

This means it gets tricky to follow the comments. Actually have to go to my profile and track things down from votes to continue the conversation. Or if I haven’t voted I have to remember the album manually and track it down.

There needs to be an easier menu option to bring up all ongoing conversations. A My Data > Open Edits with active comments option. Or something like that.

Yes, there is the banner for when my edits have had comments added. This needs to be expanded a bit to cover all live comments\replies.


There is a judgement call to be made around whether the db is better off with a mis-placed link in the annotion, or no link at at.

Better still is doing what paulakreuzer is doing and working to get the editor assistance to be even more productive.


Yes of course. I didn’t try to say she made too many mistakes or something - just that it seems she doesn’t understand the comments and just avoids to edit that kind of information at all anymore.
That’s also why the report option seemed a bit harsh to me, but if its used for these kind of things I’ll just do that from now on. :+1:

I agree. Like Notes left on my edits there should be Notes I commented on. Also in the user statistics, like there is a (view) link besides all different kinds of edits there should be a (view) link besides yes, no and abstain votes.
I get mails for every note left on my edits as well as edits I voted or commented on, but if I check my mails on mobile I sometimes have no idea which edit the note is commenting on, since the link to MB doesn’t open for me on mobile.

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I might have insight into what is going on around links.
I have found in the past found the overly restricted nature of the whitelist …ah … an obstacle to entering what seemed like “perfect fit” links.
If I didn’t have ready access to the forums I would probably have taken 1 of 3 routes:
Give up on entering links
Wack 'em in the annotation.
Pick a somewhat related category from the whitelist.

But I always asked for help on the forums.

You can search for edits you’ve commented on that are not your edits:

It would be nice if we could save our search queries.


Saving searches would be good idea for the more advanced users, but this website is complex enough for new users. It needs to be made simpler to have these edit discussions.

That search suggestion is a bit too much to work around what seems to be a bug to me. It seems odd that the moment I comment on something in my “Subscribed Entries” it then vanishes from that list. Surely that isn’t by design.

I can see why the editor in question here didn’t go to the forum for advice. The forum is English, and complex topics are being discussed. So I can see why an editor who is getting a few down votes would avoid coming in here for advice when English is not their native language. Some of these threads get long and complex for us English speakers…

I think when logging in it should be clearer that a discussion is going on. Just like when I login to this forum it clearly flags up when people have replied to me - whether or not I started the thread. This needs to happen over in the main MB site. Flag the replies and conversations better.


Talking with them makes sense. Point to help pages if they exist. And if they don’t reply, and the “wrong” edit goes through, then come back next week and correct the error. This should also get the original editor to respond if they disagree.

Not everyone wants to be chatty on websites like this. Especially not when working in a different language.


What’s also interesting is that there is another editor who voted yes on some of the edits, their vote had been cast after the “mistakes” were pointed out and they never left a note as to why they voted yes to these edits. This user submitted almost 10k yes votes in the last month (170k overall). I’m beginning to question the quality of these votes just because of the sheer amount.

I use favourites/bookmarks to save many of my edit searches.
This feature is part of your browser! :slight_smile:


I have often wondered what is done about stopping Sock Puppets adding extra votes. Like how EBay will let you check if the same bidder is often bidding on a specific person’s account.

In the early days here, when I had problems on edits, I briefly thought about setting up dodgy accounts just to vote my stuff through. I am hoping that this kind of tactic can be automatically spotted.

With a user who is putting in 10K yes votes in a month it could just be a user who starts each visit by looking at all the outstanding edits and starts voting away. Even if they don’t actually have any knowledge of the edit they are just trying to be “helpful”. We also have the script addicts who automate huge volumes of edits all at the same time. I do wonder how much checking these kind of people are doing.

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I leave a tag on the release, like ‘_check comments and maybe revert’.

If an editor makes the same mistakes a few times and doesn’t respond I report them. There’s no way to know what that does, but it’s really all you can do. I don’t agree that if they make a lot of correct edits they should be given a pass - every editor should respond to feedback and attempt to add better data no matter who they are. If it’s a language issue etc hopefully this will be resolved via the report.

Yeah they seem to be on some strange mission. Did you see their url? https://_no_more_edits_.com/

So what about pinned language-specific community areas? We could bring the unresponsive (foreign language?) Editors to them and the discussion could continue there.


Bringing multiple languages to the forum is probably a good idea anyway, not just for unresponsive editors.
Here is a small pro & con list of two possible ways to do it, one of them being “my” Fairphone forum’s tag system.

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We already have at least some topics in French: #lang:fr - having more for other languages would be very welcome!