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We would like have in vlc good picture with some specific spoken lectures in mp3. Almost every week there is another lecture. What shall I add to make this happen? I tried to add Release but not able to fill Medium, cause there are many of them and are still new ones. Its this person Tomáš Pfeiffer - MusicBrainz. Attached pls get tags from vlc of one of the lecture. Thank you.


Hi there!
I’m not sure if I understand your question correctly, please let me know if you need to know more or something else!

Firstly, if these lectures aren’t being officially released (do you belong to this university?), then they don’t really belong in the database. We don’t store personal use files/ edits here. We also don’t usually add video metadata, if it’s only released as video.
If they are being officially released, and just on MP3, then I would add them as standalone recordings (http://musicbrainz.org/recording/create). You will have to create one for each lecture, and the medium format would be ‘Digital Media’.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Yes, its official, on mp3.But it is inconvinient, impossible for me to create a record for each of them. So I try one of them and we will see. The main goal for us is, as already noted, to have proper cover art picture in vlc when listening to the lecture. If this is connected to “album name” in MusicBrainz, it should work, cause album tag is the same all the time for all lectures.

Thank you.

I still can’t quite understand what type of media you’re trying to add here. Maybe give us a link to the homepage/distribution point of the media/release. Even better if you add this as a link on

You may have a fight against the software ahead of you – MB thinks of releases as finished (well: released), not ever-changing.

At least the release type „CD“ seems wrong. „Broadcast“ may be appropriate.

Media is mp3. Its not english, its spoken word so it might not give you much sense :slight_smile:


This seems somewhat similar to the podcast discussion elsewhere:

I would probably add the individual MP3s as stand-alone recordings. Note that the page explaining those note that:

Which also seems to fit what’s going on here. You would, unfortunately, have to manually add the cover art to the individual recordings (or use “cover.jpg” or similar file in the folder where you store the MP3s - most media players will pick that up too).

Storing everything in a single Release is not right though.

Although we would love to have your recordings in our database, if all you’re doing is adding album art, you can probably do that straight from VLC without having to use MusicBrainz…
Open the mp3 file with VLC, go to Tools > Media Information, and then right-click the thumbnail at the bottom left, and click on ‘Add cover art from file’. You should now be able to browse to the picture you want to use.

Otherwise you will have to add a record for each individual one - which only takes a few seconds more than editing them all into a single release :slight_smile:

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Well - when I was writing “we” I meant not just me, but all over the world listening to the lectures :slight_smile: So adding album art from within vlc is not the solution, I think.

The database here is now just for read-only, so I cant give a try, so again: we will see… :slight_smile:


If you are connected to the release of the MP3s then the cover art could be embedded into them prior to release. Sorry if that doesn’t help