What tags do y'all use for fixme? (for ListenBrainz tag filtering)

I just put in a ticket for filtering out fixme-type tags on ListenBrainz artist and album pages, and I wonder if there’s any standards y’all use which I’ve missed?

feel free to add your own examples (and input) here and/or on the ticket~


Is there a “tag to collection” script around?

Previously I thought private tags were private and now realise they aren’t.

I did write an anything-that-is-paginated to collection, called MOULINETTE something.
Let me see if it works with tags, or if it still works at all.

No it does not work with tags..
At the moment, it can add/remove releases, based on (other) collections or edit searches.

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the tags themselves aren’t private, they just don’t show up on your profile

I do now realise that. I just have a whole raft of research tags that most people will not care about. If I could automate converting them to private collections I can get my mess out of the general public.

I asked here as I expect other people may see a benefit of having a fixme list as a collection instead of a tag. It is a pity @jesus2099’s script didn’t work. I may try and convert to bookmarks or something less annoying to other people. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try it now. Now it should handle tags.
Install it (by clicking view raw): konami-command/mb_HYPER-MOULINETTE.user.js at master · jesus2099/konami-command · GitHub

Go to your Collections page, click Put, paste your tag URL.

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back on topic, I do feel like tags can be a good place for this kind of tag, whether a general ‘fixme’ or a specific ‘likedis auto’ for imports and the like. reason being that if one editor doesn’t get back to their fixme for one reason or another, then another can come along and find it in the tag page and fix it up properly. this is not me saying to stop using tags this way, this is me seeing what people use in order to not show them on ListenBrainz


Nice, I’ll give it a go later today. Thanks for this.

@UltimateRiff - I would assume filtering out any tag that has “fix” in it would be a good addition. But there are so many bogus tags out there you will end up creating a huge filter list. Is it not easier to just drop the least popular tags like Picard does?

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I don’t know if this is desired in ListenBrainz, as I’d imagine users over there would want to see more tags than a typical Picard used (tho I also don’t know if filtering out fixme tags is desired either… lol)

There are so many odd little codes people have added to tracks and artists. John Lennon is a funny one - especially when you check the downvoted tags. Or maybe someone wants to make up a “Murdered” playlist? Or Listenbrainz people want to know if they have been listening to “wifebeater” music. I am curious about “aln-sh”… :thinking:

There was upset the other month when the various “death by” series had been spotted. So not sure why these tags exist.

These tags existed before the series.
But now that the tags have downvoted and/or withdrawn they are hidden from view


If I understand the system correctly, downvoting hides the tag from public once it hits zero but they still exist for the person who originally added them? I was considering setting up a sock puppet purely to go downvote all my fixme tags.

Downvoting fixmes seem to be a fairly simple way of helping the Listenbrain results.

I don’t think this would be a good idea, as then other MusicBrainz users won’t be able to see fixme tags that have been left, which I think is the point of at least fixme and likedis auto (and any other tags based on automatic imports)