What tag in MB do you use when a song in an album contains elements from another song?

What tag do you use when a song contains an element of another song?

For example,
Shaggy’s album Boombastic
#7 song Why You Treat Me So Bad featuring Grand Puba

contains elements from “Mr. Brown” by Bob Marley.

What do I use to enter these elements on MB?


It depends on what those elements are. Is it a direct sample or a musical / lyrical reference (commonly referred to as an interpolation or quote, depending on genre)? We have relationships for each.


In this case, it’s a direct sample from the Bob Marley record:

You can credit it on the recording level and use the “samples” relationship


Thanks for your help!!!

Thanks a bunch. There are so many choices and I’m looking for the exact word such as (elements)


“Elements” is a generic term. I’ve seen it used in release liner (booklet) notes a few times myself.
If you’re not sure what was used (i.e. the release doesn’t tell you and you can’t figure it out by ear), it’s best to check WhoSampled to see what was used and how. From there you can determine what relationships to use in MB.