What is using so much archive.org resources?

The last few days i was unable to upload cover-art sometimes.
If you check: https://s3.us.archive.org/?check_limit=1&accesskey=3aMig9m2cFOXc31C
you can see total_tasks_queued and total_global_limit if total_tasks_queued is greater than total_global_limit (11999) you can’t upload.
Does this mean there are 11999 pictures in the current queue?
If that is the case there should be a problem because on these graphs:

you can see only 3500 art-covers is the maximum number added on one day.
If that is the case maybe someone is missusing the accesskey.

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No, I believe total_tasks_queued is for all tasks across archive.org. (This number is the same regardless of which access key you use–try it yourself.) accesskey_tasks_queued is for the CAA queue.

The access key cannot be used without a corresponding secret key.