What is the way to deal with spammers and spam?

I stumbled upon this entry:

It seems pretty clear that it’s spam, but I found no way to flag it as such? I found the option to report the submitter for bad behavior, but as a fairly new contributor myself I didn’t quite think it my place to do so.

There is no option to set data quality to low for Places either, so I’m looking for some guidance.

EDIT: Here is another one:

The best thing you can do is report the editor who added the spam. You dig through the edit history, find that editor’s profile, click the link and follow the bolded text at the bottom of the page that reads “Report this user for bad behavior” and submit a report with the category “Editor is spamming” and provide a link to the spam entity (or entities) that editor has added.


Okay thx, did what you suggested.