What is the edit record of a Work entity being created?

I am looking at the edit history for work/6d780 ‘Les Pêcheurs de perles: Acte I. Romance “Je crois encore entendre” (Nadir)’. I don’t see any edit which created the Work entity in the first place. I only see edits which add Relationships to that Work entity.

Is this strange, or do edit histories for Works always look like this?

I got interested, because I think there is a wording error in this Work title, and I wanted to see where it came from. The title says, “…encore entendre”. I think the actual word order is opposite, “…entendre encore”. See many recording titles in the edit history for corroboration.

A lot of works were auto-created during the migration to NGS, weren’t they? I’d guess that there’s no “add work” edits for those.

Oh, in fact here are the first “add work” edits (circa May 2011). Any work with an older edit history than that must have been auto-created from artist-track relationships.


You’re quite correct, the wording should indeed be entendre encore. I suspect this may be an old error of mine. I’ll go in and correct that.

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