What is T/D and Computer Programming?

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The booklet has:
T/D Sound DALI

I’m assuming “Sound DALI” refers to “Studio Sound DALI” but I have no idea what T/D stands for.

Computer Programming appears to be an instrument. But it does not show up in the instrument list and I want to know if it’s something else that I can credit as “Computer Programming”.

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You’re going to have to be more specific. For starters, what release did you find this on? If we knew what release you found this credit on, one of us can cross-reference it with our own copies or another site (e.g. Discogs) that has more info.


The first thing that springs to my mind with ‘sound DALI’ is Digital Address Lighting Interface which has a connection with audio when it comes to things like DJing or Theatre and lighting setups via a computer program.

Just a thought!!

The release is:

“Computer programming” should be entered as the “programming” relationship.

No idea what T/D stands for but given that Studio Sound DALI is, well, a recording studio, the generic “engineered at” relationship is probably appropriate unless you can figure out something more specific.

Just explain your reasoning for adding such relations in the edit note (e.g., link to the cover art).

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