What is Submitting Acoustic Fingerprints for?


What is Submitting for in this guide:


Does this improve the database or does it improve my collections?

If so, I am willing to do it.

When you use the Scan function in Picard you are using the AcoustID acoustic fingerprinting. Essentially AcoustID is a massive database of acoustic fingerprints linked to MusicBrainz data.

When you submit fingerprints for your tagged files you provide both potentially not yet known fingerprints and new links to MusicBrainz recordings. Even if you submit fingerprints and recording IDs that have been previously submitted it improves the database by increasing the confidence into this data.

So you help improving the database that helps you organize your collection.

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I’m starting tomorrow.

I have 15,000 MP3 files.

Maybe you don’t know any of them. :wink:

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That button makes no difference to your files in your collection. It just changes the data used to match recordings at AcoustID.org

Please only submit fingerprints for albums you have actually ripped yourself and know the source of. Wait until after you have sorted out your collection before pressing the button. And any tracks you don’t know the source of please don’t put in the fingerprints.

The AcoustID data is very specific. So if you have a track in your collection which you don’t know if it came from a Single or an Album then you should not submit the fingerprint for that as it will be incorrect data and just confuse the next person trying to make a match.

I have spent a few too many months wading around in that data lately and know of the mess and confusion that is within. :smiley:

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This is an important message.

I’m sure a lot of people make this mistake.

Additional conditions for Submit should be met in Picard.


Thank you for understanding. :slight_smile: I was a little worried writing that. I didn’t want to sound like Mr Grumpy.

I agree that clarity needs to be added to the instructions. Those instructions fail to say when and why to submit data. And when not to. Especially as that button is so colourfully lit up on all copies of Picard. Personally I think the button should be hidden by default.

When digging around in the AcoustID data I can see times when the button gets hit almost at random on totally unsorted data. I expect often by accident in a “what does this do?” discovery.

I think the writers of Picard and the manual forget some of us get some of our musical tracks from “unusual” places. :wink: The instructions are written on more of an assumption of tracks freshly ripped from a CD and 100% know the origin.

The SCAN button in Picard relies on good data being in the AcoustID database. So we need to be careful as to what we add into there.

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Then release Picard 2.7.2 with Fix. :wink:

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I do agree with you. You are showing a very good point I have often wondered about. Picard is technically complex in places and it is natural to press buttons.

@outsidecontext maybe the first few times that button is hit an “About AcoustID page” can be offered up? Something that can better explain quality of data? When digging around in the AcoustID database I can see plenty of places where randomly matched files have had that button pressed submitting some very odd data.

Maybe just a “are you sure this is checked data?” warning appearing the first few times? Then a counter ticks down in the ini file and it stops nagging after a few checks?

We are also missing details from that manual page. It fails to say What AcoustID is, and Why we need to check what kind of data is sent.

Also consider submitting data to acousticbrainz. If you have files tagged well enough for AcoustID than it does not took much additional effort. AFAIK last version of Picard have AB support


Maybe this tutorial


Yes. Or you can use Picard. Or cli utility. Choose what more convenient for you

In Picard this option enough?

As i understand you need set «AcousticBrainz features extractor» checkbox and set path to downloaded streaming_extractor_music.exe

Not quite. You still need to select the files to submit. Have a look at the Submitting Acoustic Features section of the Picard User Guide for more information.

This is getting a bit off topic now… I suggest you finish identifying and tagging your files completely before experimenting with the fingerprinting submissions.


It is obvious that it is not enough. :wink:

I only asked whether to start with this, instead of https://acousticbrainz.org/

Besides, I would have to have these two icons.

That’s right?

Actually, to submit you would need to have saved the files, so the green box (or check mark). I don’t think you need to have the full disc matched as indicated with the gold disc.

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See screenshot from https://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/en/usage/submit_acousticbrainz.html

In your case I would say please don’t submit AcoustID’s.

As you are not interested in matching the exact song to the exact album (e.g. compilation), just the earliest version, you will have songs that differ in length, different versions, etc.

In cases where you know that your song 100% comes from the album you’re matching to, then please do submit :blush:

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I have already explained this earlier with Ivan.