What in the world do I do with this recording?

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I’ve been working my way through the recordings for Canadian electronic artist “Delerium”. Mostly this is a lot of merging work for things that were rereleased on compilations, or two seconds’ length difference, etc.

But one of the first ones is:

What the heck do I do with this…? I want to just delete it, because I have no idea what the source was / no acoustIDs / etc. I assume it’s some DJ Mix out there in the wild. Is there a better way to handle it?

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There is nothing seemingly wrong with it.
Check the edit history, it links to more info.
What seems wrong? :slight_smile:


Oh thanks! I didn’t see that. I THINK the correct thing to do here is:

  • create an artist for “Story of Isaac”
  • create an album for “† † Haunted House † † Mix”
  • set up the tracklist to the individual songs in the mix - maybe creating a new recording for each one with a disambig. of “part of “Haunted House Mix” DJ-mix” and correct length.

and then remove this recording.

I would only do this is they are actually separate files in the download. The Discogs release linked doesn’t specify whether it’s split up or not and it’s no longer downloadable from the link given in https://fokkawolfe.blogspot.com/2010/09/witch-house-mix.html and the artist’s SoundCloud linked from there is also gone.

I did find the mix though, but since this is another user’s (re)upload, that doesn’t mean “Story of Isaac” intended it to be one long mix—but chances are that he did.


Discogs has everything as sub-sections of track 1. I see absolutely no problem with this recording as it is.