What do YOU want in ListenBrainz?

I agree, more filtering would be very welcome, both on the Stats page and User pages too~

another welcome addition might be the ability to submit genres and other folksonomy tags to MusicBrainz from within ListenBrainz. since you can listen to most tracks on LB, that’d make it super easy to contribute genres, moods, and whatnot


Wait, WTF, we already have this @mr_monkey? How cool!


Definitely can highlight that a bit more (do we link to the statistics page currently? I can’t find a link)

p.s. the map is a bit broken, it omits anything under [?] plays, which means most of the globe shows no artists

I imagine it’s something like the top x artists or something like that rather than a strict cutoff.

ooh, a fun idea… maybe we include non-genre folksonomy tags in the stats too. that way you can see, for example, how much anime music you listen to or be surprised how many releases with a car on cover you listen to~

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Hmm you’re right, I suspect it’s doing something like just loading the top 999 artists worldwide (510 of which are taken by the US).

Logical, but in practice makes the function not very interesting for me. I want to listen to Mongolia’s top 10!


Indeed that is the current limitation. It’s basically using the same setup to calculate global stats as we do for your personal stats, where the cutoff of your 200 top artists makes sense.

That’s why it’s not currently linked anywhere, I think the page and graphs in it need more work to be really useful, but if you think we can already link to it we can add it to the “explore” dropdown menu in the navbar.

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Related, check out: Explr.fm - Color the world

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feel free to add an issue on GitHub if you have any files you’d like me to add support for! thanks for the shoutout :smile:

I would like to say thank yuo to both @UltimateRiff & @mr_monkey for the replies.

I do look forward to the day - whenever it may come - that the feature is added. I also am very pleasantly surprised to see people so active in the actual site here interacting with content, which shows that my choice to completely delete my last.fm and place all of my eggs in the ListenBrainz basket was correct.


If you mean that you’d like to open the MusicBrainz page for a release or recording from fb2k, you can do that with the help of the Run Services (foo_run) component. Configure an action with a ‘Path’ like this for release:

https://musicbrainz.org/release/$if2(%musicbrainz_albumid%,%musicbrainz album id%)

Create another like this for recording:

https://musicbrainz.org/recording/$if2(%musicbrainz_trackid%,%musicbrainz track id%)

It’s great that we can now manually link our listens to MB, but I would like a page that shows all our listens that have not been linked to MB.

While the ‘add missing MB data’ page does appear to show these songs, there is no way to link these to MB from that page, and the only way that I’ve found is to

  • go to Last.fm to view the scrobbles for that track in my library (as my LB is just my Last.fm account imported)
  • find the timestamp of a scrobble
  • go to https://listenbrainz.org/user/cherryblossom000/?max_ts=1672975980 for example but change the max_ts parameter to the timestamp of the scrobble
  • link the listen to MB

(I’m still quite new to LB so there may be a much better way of doing this)


this is already planned, hopefully pretty soon~ :crossed_fingers:

it also shows the timestamp on the missing data page, so I believe you can use the date picker at the bottom of your listen history, that’ll get you close

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Some background: I mostly use Plex via Plexamp to listen to music, and I have my plex account linked to my last.fm to scrobble. I like this as even if I listen offline when away from an internet connection it scrobbles everything when I reconnect, and no matter what device I listen on they all scrobble without any extra work.

Plex already seems to use MusicBrainz for metadata, and are listed as a supporter. It would be nice if ListenBrainz could work as seamless with Plex(And Jellyfin, Emby, etc) as last.fm does. It would be great if you could work with them to get support built in.

That said personally I have so many years of last.fm data, I will likely keep using it along with ListenBrainz now. So I will have to keep importing to update my data. It would be nice if I could link(really just add my last.fm username in my settings and have it remembered) my last.fm account, and then if there was a setting to auto import every few minutes in the background any time I have the website open as I understand the importer runs through the users browser not in the backend. Also I guess that means it would have to account for people who have multiple tabs open maybe?


The Year in Music was pretty good this year, but there is one thing I want to see addressed: I had issues with my top artists, specifically when a featured artist is in the artist parameter. I’ve had “CHVRCHES” and “CHVRCHES feat. Robert Smith” in my top 10, which seems redundant. A bit early but it’s worth throwing this there: would this be addressed for 2023’s Year in Music? Especially since ListenBrainz is now automatically attaching featured artists on recordings from MusicBrainz to the artist parameter in listens.

Redirections for aliases would also be nice too. CHVRCHES is on my all-time charts twice because some of them got directed to the CHVRCHΞS alias.

Not expecting everything to happen in a snap, just throwing these out there.


Forgive me if this exists and I just don’t see it:

Something that I would like is notification, or just a playlist or list of any kind on my profile telling me about new releases from artists I have listened to. My only real way to find new releases right now is browsing reddit or maybe seeing one in my youtube search results. So I miss a lot, making a feature like this very helpful for me.


Check out: Fresh releases - ListenBrainz
And go to the top and click ‘Releases For You’.

Hopefully that’s what you’re after! I find it really useful.

We are working on having the ‘explore’ pages a bit more visible in the UI eventually.


I seen that page before, but missed the “For you” part, oops! Thank you!


ListenBrainz could provide charts based either on the number of listens (like it does now), or charts normalized by listening time. This could be selected by an option in user preferences.

Last.fm is unable to do this, because they don’t have lengths for a lot of the tracks, but LB is in different situation given the integration with MusicBrainz database.

User’s tracks with unknown lengths could be collected in a separate page, and presented in a similar way as tracks not linked to MB recordings, so the user could add missing data.


there’s a ticket for it now, but adding playlist covers to ListenBrainz is pretty high on my wishlist~ I quite enjoy creating such covers myself, and perhaps that could be built into the website too? (see LB-1215 as well)

edit: these could in theory allow users to synchronize playlist covers between multiple libraries and services? or at least be a singular place to keep them…

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Just glancing at this thread, so forgive me if this idea has been mentioned already, but to make ListenBrainz more engaging to actually browse as a site/dataset, I think it should try to be ‘smarter’ about pulling URLs for its Play button. From what I’ve seen, all the Play button seems to do on LBz is to pop open a youtube embed of the first search result… Anyone remember the days of the “I’m feeling lucky” search? :laughing:

For example, there are a lot of MusicBrainz Recordings that have “stream for free” links that go to youtube videos (and for that matter, a lot that go to other platforms or even a direct download-for-free link). For the most common of these, I think it’d be relatively easy to tell when these are available for an MBz Recording entity, and present those as the Play stream.

I can understand if LBz is hesitant to do this because it could make the site look sketchy, rights-wise, since making free streaming access to certain music ‘too easy’ will earn the legal ire of big labels and such, but if the LBz team isn’t too worried about that (they added the Play button in the first place :thinking: ), then this is an augmentation to it I’d love to see.


for what it’s worth, the YouTube links linked to MusicBrainz recordings should (whenever possible) be the official video (or the video for YouTube Music)

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