What do YOU want in ListenBrainz?

Hi, I couldn’t find if there has been any definitive response to this and I think this is the same feature I’d like:

  • when scrobbling from spotify, it would be nice to have the song automatically mapped to the mbid if the MB entry has a spotify link, same goes for songs in albums
    • for example, I listened to the album “maenarawanai” from “ATARASHII GAKKO!” with spotify (ListenBrainz) but I had to manually link every song, even tho by using the album spotify link/id (spotify_album_id": "https://open.spotify.com/album/3HmOMYSlIlHBPwSHl3POgb") and the track number it could’ve been automatically mapped without the risk of mapping a wrong song since link+tracknumber should be unique.
  • (this should probably prioritize album link + tracknumber over track link in order to get the right song version)

(same goes for yt music, itunes, etc and their respective links of course)

Also another unrelated feature request: add an "Undo" button to the popup for deleting/linking/etc on the website
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in theory this shouldn’t be an issue, since MusicBrainz does split different versions of recordings quite well. that said, it’d probably be better to use the album link anyways, since usually the album is fairly important and most recordings won’t have a Spotify track link anyways

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Definitely would love any indication that a listen was loosely/“fuzzy” matched to a MB recording as to make fixing matching errors easier (currently the only way to tell is by opening “inspect listen” and manually comparing.) Maybe it could have a page similar to the “missing data” section of the site.

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This would definitely be harder to implement, but if fuzzy matches could be re-scanned (manually or, ideally, automatically) to draw upon new MB data, it would prevent some of these mismatched data issues. For instance, I was checking out HDBeenDope and his track “Cayman” was linking to an obscure unofficial remix instead of the original (which hadn’t yet existed in the database). Because of this, the remix shows up as top 3 on his LB profile in place of the original. If this match was re-scanned, it could now find the proper MB recording and thus correct the mismatched link (and the LB listen data).