What are collections used for?

What are collections used for? I want to use a tool that helps me record the songs, albums, and artists I like. Are the MusicBrainz collections suitable for that? Or are they intended for another use?


I store the Releases I own in a collection.

I have different collections for physical media like CDs and another collection for stuff I have copied from mates.

My collections are then set as private.

Would be easy to have your own private “collection of my favourite albums” or “these are rubbish”.


Basically, yeah. Collections are essentially user-specific lists so it could be any recording/releases/artist you like, a wishlist, a way to show off and/or manage your music collection as Ivan mentioned, etc.

The only limitation is that the collections can only have one type of entity on it, you can’t have - say - an artist and a recording in the same list.


Thank you! And that is a good idea, I think I will do it too.

Thank you! And yes, I also noticed that. I think I will have a favourites list for each type of entity.

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in addition to collecting stuff you like and/or own, I also use collections to collect stuff I’m working on or want to keep track of. since you can add other editors as collaborators on collections, you could have a group of people all adding to the same collection too, like my Brony artist index or @sound.and.vision’s Works with Place Names in the Title.

also, once you’ve got a public collection, anyone can subscribe to it, and they’ll be able to see edits for all the entities in that collection among other edits for your subscribed entities. an example, since you’re probably not subscribed to too many entities yet, all of these are from collections:

in addition to using collections, you can also add ratings to many MusicBrainz entities too, but those can be a bit more difficult to browse. the benefit with ratings is that they’re public*, meaning other editors and users are able to see that people really like (or dislike) this thing.

* I think public by default? I don’t remember how the privacy settings work there, whether others can see your ratings on entities but can’t see it was you who rated or what…


The very first intent of collections was owned releases and attended concerts.

You can use collections (I have a BEST collection) for grouping your favourites, yes, but I find it even more easier and straightforward with ratings (stars).

Ratings for many entity types are then ordered from 5 stars to 1 star, in your Ratings tab, per entity types.


Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!!

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