Western classical music composition style (not genre)

I’e been thinking about the topic of Classical Western music compositions style within a composer works. There is a discussion about genre that inspired me to post, I recognise that Genre is not same as Style.

I’m also bugged by not having a consistent style as an attribute to a composers work. I use this style to organise my library within a composer folder, the expected Chamber, String Quartets, Symphony or Sacred. I’m pretty sure that a large number of classical collectors are in need of organisation similar to mine, or same variation of it. I determine the styles of each “top” work, not movements or parts, and in case of having multiple work on a release, assign “dominant” style to an album using play time (within a composer to handle multi composer albums). Then this style is used to place a particular release within
a nested folder structure of a composer. This is my use case.

And here is where MB fails me. There are sometimes styles associated with composer works in catalogue series, but they are not consistent and are not nested. Quite often a style has a nested , tree like structure with 3 or 4 nodes.

To solve this issue, I maintain a sqlite db with a styleTree table where I can enter “top works” with MB workid as a leaf within composer style nodes. This works well and theoretically I enter a top work only once, unless top work has been defined multiple times.

Still, this is a workaround, its not shared or curated, its data quality is probably not great.

Is there a data structure in MB that could support such an effort ?

To my limited knowledge, MB is the only public db that can handle Western Classical Music composition structure, with “parts” and “part of”, data can be nested into a tree. Would it be possible to do the same with the Composition Style ?

I can envision another series, Composer Work Style, where we could use “part” and “part off” and link existing works from Composer catalogue. Need to have those catalogues :slight_smile:

What would it take to make this happen ? Schema change ? New Series type ?

I use Wikipedia to create my style tree for a composer, they vary tremendously in structure and methodology, but perhaps this is as it should be, J.S. Bach and Bartok are classed very differently.

Catalogues are one of the better parts of MB, perhaps we can extend this asset to Style.

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