Weird auto-completion adding an artist

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When I try to add or find an artist the auto-complete function is a bit weird.
For example I want to add or find a person named Paul Nicola.
But after I have already typed Paul and then start with the N for Nicola the auto-complete forgets what I have already entered.

Am I doing someting wrong?

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When search goes mad like that, open a second browser tab and do the search for the artist using the main search box. Once you find the right Paul Ni copy the URL of the Paul Ni page and paste it directly in to the search box. That will now select the correct result.

Thanks. So is it by design that search works ‘like crazy’ here?
I have never encountered a search engine that simply ignores anything you have typed before a space.
That’s weird, isn’t it?

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You are not the first who noticed this behavior.


I assume the crazy search is supposed to fit the crazy users. Try finding “money” or any common word recording name and it puts the results in upside down listing “money money money” ahead of the single word that was typed.

As @chaban points out - this is on the TODO list and will be reached at some point as resources allow.