Weekly Jams and other "Created for you" playlists stuck

Hello everyone!

I came back to ListenBrainz (and MusicBrainz) about 2 weeks ago, but my “Curated for you” playlists are still stuck in September, despite importing all my listens again from Lastfm.

Weekly Jams are displayed as “Updated 25 Sept 2023, 02:04 | Deleted in 6 months ago”, which doesn’t seem right. Link to the playlist: Playlist - ListenBrainz

The Stats page updated correctly, so this seems to only affect the generation of “Curated for you” playlists: Weekly Jams, Weekly Exploration and the last week ones.
How can I make them update again?

If you use Spotify, try disconnecting the service and reconnecting it. Sometimes spotify logs people out for whatever reason… When that happens we send you mail, but that may have ended up in spam.

Let me know how the disconnect/reconnect works.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I don’t use the Spotify integration; I’ve been periodically importing my listens/scrobbles from Lastfm, for now.

They are importing correctly, my stats seem to be generating correctly. The only issue is with the algo playlists of recommendations that ListenBrainz generates. They stopped updating in September.

Still, I tried logging in with my Spotify account and disabling the integration again to see if it had any effect. Not seeing any changes so far.

The odd thing is that while the playlists are stale, the “raw recommendations” page got on the other hand updated on March 30.

I tried finding in the docs what might be blocking the updates to the weekly playlists. All I’ve found so far was that the raw recommendations “may be further processed to generate playlists for users”, without further details.

I’m in a vaguely similar situation - playlists didn’t get generated on Monday this week, and playlists a bit over two weeks old were marked as “Deleted in 2 days ago”. However, this morning, the situation unstuck itself - although instead of the usual “Weekly Jams for Xxx, week of 2024-04-01 Mon”, it’s titled after today - “2024-04-03 Wed” (first time I ever see a playlist not labeled as generated on a Monday). A bit odd, but eh.

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Well, we kicked the machine a bit sometime last week, and it seems like the solution is resolved for both of you thankfully.

Please don’t hesitate to come report issues if you encounter more !


Same thing happened to me too, my daily jams update regularly while weekly explorations and jams got stuck two weeks ago. I was hoping it will sort itself out when all playlists expire, but nothing happened so far, it just says “Deleted in 1 week ago/17 hours ago”.

I reconnected my spotify during this 2 weeks at least once and just did it again, hopefully it works.

Upd.: it did refresh eventually, so unless something else was done, reconnecting Spotify works?

@RarePotato I do believe our resident @lucifer fixed an issue with playlist generation, be he will need to confirm.

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Hi! My “created for you” playlists also are stuck since 1st of July. I don’t use a Spotify connection, only a webhook to report listens from Plex. I tried to reset this service and renewed the token on listenbrainz but this Monday there was still no refresh.
My listens are counted correctly though…

Could you please look into it?
Thank you :slight_smile:

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