Website Relationships/Links

I’m curious about website relationships. Does MB have website that pull information automatically when we add a website relationship besides wikipedia/wikidata? If so, what are they?

External URL relationships are usually there so that the person, the MB user (a music encyclopedia reader) seeking more information or reviews can go there and read more.

I think the answer is no? Just Wikipedia as far as I know.

Maybe because of (c) restrictions, otherwise just because it hasn’t been suggested or coded.

Only slightly off topic, @loujine’s ‘fill data from…’ script works magic with a wiki link :sparkling_heart:


Never hurts to ask :slight_smile:


Is there anything like Mix’n’match to check MB artists/releases vs Discogs/Spotify?

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There is a site that compares release matches between Discogs and MB (and maybe some other stuff).
Doesn’t sound like it’s exactly what you’re looking for but worth a look:

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