Want to add new artist with duplicate name, but no idea how to disambiguate

A bunch of albums were added to the Scottish band Looper Looper - MusicBrainz but aren’t actually by them. The confusion is caused by online streaming services like Apple Music who carelessly put a number of unrelated artists with the same name on the same page.

Two of these albums were by known artists already in MB, so I submitted edits to fix them. Where it gets confusing is albums like this one Release “Looped” by Looper - MusicBrainz and this one Release “O” by Looper - MusicBrainz . They are by an artist called Looper, but not any of the four artists called Looper already in the database. So I should create a new artist, but I don’t have any idea who actually made these albums! Google has been useless, and there is no evidence these albums exist outside of streaming services. I can’t even be certain both of the albums I linked are by the same artist. What would I put in for the disambiguation?


To follow up on my own post, I looked at the credits for the album “Looped” on Apple Music, and all tracks seem to be performed by a miscellany of artists, but all are composed by one Ahmad Taher. I could use that name as disambiguation, maybe?

The album “O” is reported to be composed by Stuard David, which would be the Scottish band Looper. Very mysterious: they usually make short twee pop tunes with some electronic beats, and an hour-long downtempo composition would be totally out of character. Not to mention it was never promoted by the band, and unlike every other release it isn’t on Mute Records. But I think I’ll leave it where it is for now.


There’s a few disambiguation options in these cases, imo:

  • You can add a disambiguation like ‘released [album name]’ or ‘featured on [track]’
  • If you can listen to the music and there’s a clear style, something like ‘[genre]’ can be appropriate
  • Sometimes you have no choice but to make a new artist with ‘unknown’, which is fine

And your research re. composers is even better :slight_smile:


Nice job of splitting. That’s one of those really satisfying tasks of bringing order to chaos. :smile: If you leave some of your research notes in the annotation of the unknown one then someone who does know who this is can update your work.

The same name mix-ups happen on most of the major digital shops to some levels.

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