Voting "no" on a tracklist edit when there's a better one in the queue

Is it okay to vote “no” on a tracklist edit that fixes a few typos but preserves capitalization errors if there’s another, later edit in the queue that fixes the typos and capitalization (along with adding a missing diacritic)?

I prefer to avoid voting against edits when I can help it, so I usually first leave a comment asking the original editor to cancel their edit so the later one (mine, in this case) will go through instead of failing. Usually this works, but sometimes (like in this case) they don’t reply.

The only other option I can think of is to cancel my edit or let it fail and then hope I remember and still care enough to redo it, but that feels like unnecessary duplicated work. Ideally I would’ve noticed the open edit before creating my own, but even in that case I’d still need to wait a week for it to be applied before making the additional fixes.

(Okay, there’s at least one more option: appeal to an auto-editor to approve my edit before the other one goes in. That feels a bit sneaky, though.)

I suggest voting “No” and leave an edit note explaining that the complete corrections are done in another pending edit and link the edit.


I wouldn’t vote no based on:

Never vote against edits where information is optional (not required during the submission process).

Maybe it’s a stretch to apply it here? Either way if their edit isn’t wrong, just incomplete, I personally wouldn’t be comfortable voting no.

Asking them nicely to cancel seems like a good option to try first, anyway :slight_smile:


I feel this way. I’d just wait till the edit goes through and do any further work then if it is simply incomplete. (Can use a tag or collection to remember to come back later)

I also try to leave an artist alone if I see someone else actively working on it at the time and wait till they finished before I do the work I was planning. Maybe not practical with active popular artists though.

That said, helpful comments pointing out something missed so they know in the future are always good, I think.


I think it’s fine to vote No here, if and only if you leave a nice note saying “sorry, you did nothing specifically wrong here, but I have this other edit I entered without noticing this that fixes all of it and more, and because of how the system works it will probably fail if yours applies - would you mind cancelling yours?”


Thanks for all the thoughtful replies!

As an addendum, when I went back to try to leave a second comment asking the other editor to cancel their edit, I noticed that @salo.rock had already approved my version… so the system works. :slight_smile: