Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

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Would really appreciate some voting on these 3 edits. The wrong artist artist were added. Bob Morrison, Johnny MacRae, & Tom Davey did not write “There Ain’t No Future in This” , even the references supplied show it was written by Bill Rice & Mary Rice. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Vote on this one also, another mistake by same editor.


I’m getting no-votes from people who don’t know the style guide for switching to the correct apostrophe when the main purpose of the edit was to fix a wrongly credited artist (which I admit I forgot to explain in an edit note):


Kuolema (punk band) has some recordings that should be under Kuoleme (video game arranger)


There used to be an obscure (female) folk singer-songwriter named Shannon Campbell. There also is a country musician by the same name, who is the son of the late country music legend Glen Campbell. This artist entity was originally created for the female folk singer-songwriter, but it was later linked to this release, which is a country album. Since folk and country are similar genres (and there’s a lot of thematic overlap in song titles and such), it’s not hard to assume at first glance that the same person appeared on both albums, which is what I did at first, making a string of edits to fill in the gaps to show that the artist was the country musician Shannon Campbell. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the first relationships and tracks added by that artist were for/by the singer-songwriter, not the country musician, and I created a new artist entity for the country musician; however, since I had added all the relevant relationships from the outset, I now had to backtrack, removing a string of relationships and merging an artist entity I created in that whole confusion. There are also some edits in the pipeline to swap out the artist credits on the aforementioned country album.


Hi all, Trying to remove and replace erroneous cover art I discovered while tagging. Auto eds can you expedite?


The album is out now and there is just a minor adjustment to be made.


Carol Cleveland is an actor and Carol Cleveland Sings is a band. Let’s untangle them!


I made a typo:


Fixing PACIFICO CORP/国際’s artist name.


@CyberSkull, your last two requests have nothing special IMO.
Could we stick to edits that require more review, that are about to fail big amount of work, that need to be applied before being allowing to be completed by other edits or to (from the OP):



Gotcha. :slight_smile:


What about trying to get more people to weigh in before an edit is voted down by a single editor?

I’m trying to merge stray artist entries of Jean Grae into her main artist entry. What? What? was her name she used before she started her solo career. It’s not a different project and not in the slightest different kind of music.


This is a bit of a complicated one.

First we need to cleanup Señor Coconut:

Next His Orchestra needs some fixing, which brings us to Henry Mancini’s chorus and orchestra and Robert Mann:,,,

And all that needs to get done first so these merge don’t clobber the credit cleanup:, and

I think that’s everything that needs doing in this tangle.

Edit: Something fell through the cracks:


Can I get some additional votes on Edit #54306579

Title conflict between what is commonly used for the base name of the song. I’ve provided several proofs, one from official account of the band.

Voter seemed to have changed his mind on a related edit, Edit #54306580


So a couple of years ago, Bon Jovi released the album This House Is Not for Sale. As is often the case with major artists, they released a bunch of editions with different exclusive bonus tracks. No two editions contain the same bonus tracks. However, an editor recently came along and added a bogus “expanded”* edition that incorporates every bonus track. I say bogus because I cannot find any evidence that such a release even exists in any legitimate capacity; all I can find to prove its existence are listings on torrent/download sites. I entered this edit, explaining that we do not store fan-compiled torrents as releases, yet I got hit with a No vote from the editor that added the release.

*There is a legitimate expanded edition, but it has only 2 bonus tracks, neither of which have appeared on any other release.

I just did a merge of the same artist where the second creation of the artist had the name misspelled. The misspelled artist has 2 “various artist” releases linked, each with one song, and cover art. I just wanted this merge looked over, I added all the merge information in the merge note. If something is wrong please note it.


I seem to fail at explaining why changing artist credits with a merge is usually not a good idea.
Maybe someone with better english skills can help?


I need some votes on
Would love to have help with this edit.
Thank you.


Related to the above, there is some contention over the changes that I made based on the cover:

I’m open to other possibilities besides mine, but if we’re following the cover then some change needs to be made.

There’s a second edit that’s getting lost as the discussion on the first gets longer:


This edit fixed a bad tracklist (case listing did not match the actual CD). I’ve scanned the CD itself into the cover art. The listed track 14 is missing, tracks 15-23 are shifted up one position, and a different track 24 appears.

I couldn’t just reshuffle the tracks due to existing disc IDs, so I edited the tracklist and reallocated the recordings instead. I think the recording times will get fixed from the updated tracklist once this edit is accepted, but I would like to proceed with some merges if I could get this approved early.