Votes please for edit 41312525

Hi, folks:

I’d appreciate votes please for . Fast-responding editor @rcmurphy and I were both entering the same new Christopher Tin Release “Sogno di Volare” at the same time. We’ve agreed to merge. The votes will help hide the redundant Release and Recordings. I don’t see that my majestic Autoeditor powers can approve this merge.


You’ll still have to wait 2 days since the creation of the merge edit (assuming the “yes” threshold is met, which it would be at 3-0), since it’s a destructive type of edit.

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Thank you for all the votes. has been accepted. But that leaves the old Release Group with no Release. I’ve launched to merge the Release Groups. A couple more Yes votes would be helpful.

If we have merged the Release Groups first, would that have merged the corresponding Releases as well, or would it have put both Releases separately into the merged Release Group?

A release group with no releases in it is automatically removed, so this isn’t a biggie, but it’s a bit better to merge them so we don’t lose a MBID.

It wouldn’t have merged the releases, just put them into the same group.


Additionally, edits have been created to merge the associated works - and; a couple yes votes for these would be helpful; then I think everything will have been merged!

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I hope you and Jim will get enough votes to get it through! I wish I could vote for you guys, but have to wait until I am member for two weeks and that will be next week. Anyways, Good Luck to you guys and Happy Sunday! :sunny: