Vocal Choir or Chorus Master or Other?

I have a guy listed as “Chorus” for a song. How do I add him to the release? There is a “Chorus Master” type for Artist, and there is a “choir vocal” sub-type in the “vocal” type for artist. Or does he go as something else?

Chorus normally refers to a choir. If that’s a single person he might be Chorus Master if there’s a choir involved, or he’s simply an additional performer, credited as “Chorus”.

I have not used a choir vocal relationship so far and I’m not a very experienced user, but if you share a link, other users might take a look on the situation.

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Or maybe “Chrous” means this guy only sung during the chorus and not the main verses? Or is this real Choir type singing?

You can also use the “credited as” field to type in “Chorus” alongside whichever vocal type you choose. Select “Other Vocals” if you are not sure and then type “Chorus”.



So I added him as a choir vocal and credited him as “Chorus”. As for what king of singing this is, when the artist singing the song says “Say Hello” our guy, and only our guy, will say “Hello”. He does that twice during the song. That is the full extent of his contribution to the song, the rest is sung by the singing artist.

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I would list that as “background vocal” credited as “chorus”. Doesn’t sound like it fits the intent of “choir vocal”.


Could you show your example?
The meaning of “chorus” heavily depends of album genre.
In pop/rock, it could mean background vocals.

what about the “classic” hip hop setup where one performer raps and the other sings the chorus? That’s not background vocals for me.

Neither of these are choir vocals, which involve an actual choir (of multiple people). The first example is, as @highstrung suggested, background vocals credited as “chorus”. The second I’d just call “vocals”, although that doesn’t allow for a specific “chorus” option. Alternatively, if we want to credit it as “chorus”, I’d actually call that “lead vocals as chorus” since they took the lead for the chorus.


It’s why I said that the meaning of “chorus” heavily depends of album genre. :wink:
In your case you would select lead vocals credited as chorus, or something like that. :slight_smile: