Vinyl Multidisc Style Guideline Help

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I swear there used to be style guidelines for how to name tracks on a multidisc vinyl release. I’m working with
I don’t know if I should use side a,b,c,d… for tracks and 1,2,3, for discs or use disc a,b,c,d… discs and use 1 2 3 for tracks.


While I can’t come up with the MB guidelines, I have always used the old school a,b,c. :man_white_haired:


I would label the tracks by side, A1 … Ax, B1…Bx, C1…Cx, D1…Dx and leave the media naming as default (which I believe will give you disc 1, disc 2 etc.)


I think you may have misread what @highstrung meant.

A Single disk LP has an A side and a B side. A Two disk LP has C and D sides for the second disk.

A 2 disc LP with three tracks per side is: A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, D3

The way you have numbered the release seems to imply there are six disks with all the tracks on one side of each disk. To correct that you should number them so that the first disk is A1, B1. Second disk is C1, D1. Third disk should be E1, F1. disk4 - G1, H1, disk 5 - I1, J1, disk 6 - K1, L1

Your disks are a little unusual as you only have one track on each side.

Here is Pink Floyd’s - The Wall. Originally release on TWO vinyl disks. It has sides A, B, C, D. Multiple tracks on each of those sides.

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@IvanDobsky has correctly interpreted and given a good example of what I was trying to say. However it looks like the last edits to @phoinox1289 's example were made before they posted here and therefore before they could have read (or misread) my reply (or IvanDobsky’s).

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