Video files in Audio Albums

How can I mark video files םמ the Tracklist like this link shows:

See “DVD-Video 2” tracks 12 & 13

Click on one of the tracks to see the recording, then edit it. There is a “Video” checkbox.

Always make sure the recording is really the video and is not used elsewhere. Sometimes the same recording is used for the CD and the Video-DVD, which obviously is wrong. If this is the case you should create a new recording for the DVD and mark only that as video.

  1. Click a recording in the list
  2. Click edit on the recording page
  3. Click the video checkbox.

This needs to be done after the recording is created so first add a release and then change the individual recordings to video.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Is there any way to do this when adding a release? For example when it’s all videos.

Sadly not currently. Patches very welcome, because that’d be great to have (I’m not familiar enough with the release editor code and I suspect I’d break half of it…)

This feature request is tracked at When adding DVD-Video, make content "video" (MBS-7196) :smile_cat:


Oooh goody! But what’s keeping it from being implemented?

Yes, why haven’t you implemented it yet? And the other 1641 open MBS tickets?

Resources are limited …


Of course, it’s the nature of our world. However, as I see it, many tickets are still open because of technical difficulties, people still divided on issues and &tc. This one seems to be straight-forward besides being very useful and a time-saver, no?

Seriously, there are hundreds of legitimate open tickets.
All the urgent and more important stuff is done first, even if more recent.
Some tickets, unlike this one, have no work around.
It is normal, developers are already doing immense work, IMO although I do file many tickets, but mostly to not forget those ideas.
I am impressed by some of the tickets being worked on each month, they require huge amount of courage, IMO.
This ticket is another (very, maybe, depends for who) nice to have. :wink: