Very broken releases

Found these two releases/release groups (for the same release, as far as I can tell) that I was just going to merge and edit into one correct release, but they both have Disc IDs so I’m not sure what to do with them. Especially since the disc IDs all have lengths of about 48 minutes, and the only release I’ve found so far is this 2-CD set:


I hope I can help :slight_smile:

Here everybody can watch on Youtube a free streaming of the release.
The comic duo Bob and Ray is the artist. So, the second release-group that @psychoadept mentions , is the right one, and the first release group mentioned must be a mistake, because it mentions David Ball as artist, while David is a country singer and not a comic duo.

To me it seems too, that the two releases should be merged into one correct one, naming “Bob and Ray” as the artist. Perhaps with the

have been made a mistake too?

Yes. I’d drawn all the same conclusions. It’s only the Disc ID’s that I’m hung up on, because they prevent edits that don’t match.

What happens if you remove the disc ID from the wrong one? From this one ? Can you merge after removing?

so the ID: HgXuL1abjb0LRY6sLmZ3lKeno0U-

I have written the ID down here, so we cannot loose it, in case something weird happens when we remove it, so it could be put back then.

Disc ID HgXuL1abjb0LRY6sLmZ3lKeno0U- is not enough to be able to put it back somewhere.
A lookup URL, here is what enables the re‐attach ! :wink:


Are you saying that I should just remove the Disc ID’s?

I’ll do what I can for now, merge the releases and make the artist correct…

I removed the false disc ID for you (will show up on your page after voting/expiring) and please leave the other disc ID’s in tact for now I will look at them tomorrow morning! But I also now notice that you have to correct this page it now says as release group “Bob&Ray - A Night of Two Stars” while it should say “A Night of Two Stars” because you do not need to mention the artists in the title of the release group, as the artists already are mentioned on the page in this case: “~ Release group by Bob and Ray:slight_smile:

If you are not sure how to change the things to further correct them, please leave them as they are now, and I will have a look at it for you, my tomorrow morning, as it is late here already :sleepy: but I am sure we together can figure all things out :slight_smile:

note: other disc ID’s found:
1. ID
2. ID
3. ID

I’m not sure removing the Disc ID is the right approach. Once the releases are merged and the credits fixed, the Disc IDs can be sorted out.

But you said that you were not able to edit/merge because of the disk ID’s?

So that is why I removed the false one for you, and hopefully you now can edit/merge and sort out the Disk ID’s ! :slight_smile:

The Disc ID only prevents editing the medium, which is itself a very strange medium. One track for the whole album, track title of “See ext. info” on both releases? Something is fishy, but removing the Disc ID doesn’t fix it. Let the merge go through so all the Disc IDs will be on the same release, with correct credits.

In the meantime, I’ll add the discogs release to the same release group so we have one known good release there.

Yes that sounds a good idea and thank you for explaining why it was not necessary to remove that wrong Disc ID !

Happy weekend to you! :sunny:

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Back to this guy, now that all the edits have cleared. I see that all the disc ids on the messed up release have freedb codes. Does that mean they were imported from freedb?