Valery Polyansky's Russian State Symphony Orchestra

I think we have a mess here, but I’m not very familiar with Russian orchestras and I’m not sure what to do about it.

Valery Polyansky is a Russian conductor. According to Wikipedia, in 1991 he merged

the former USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra (Симфонического оркестра Министерства культуры СССР) with the USSR State Chamber Choir (Государственного Камерного хора СССР)

The resulting orchestra, the State Symphony Capella of Russia, seems to also be

sometimes known as the Russian State Symphony Orchestra

A dozen Polyansky releases are now listed under the State Academic Symphony Orchestra of the Russian Federation, which I think is completely unrelated. Weirdly, though, some of those credit both the “Russian State Symphonic Capella” and the “Russian State Symphonic Orchestra”. I suspect that’s basically just saying “this has both the choir and the orchestra”, and they should be moved to link only to the Capella and unlinked from this other orchestra. But I’m confused by the whole thing, so I’d like more eyes on it before making those changes (ideally, Russian eyes, but I guess it might not be exactly necessary to know Russian to figure this out).

Data about this artist is really confusing. Based on Wikipedia there’s just one artist “State Symphony Capella of Russia” (choir+orchestra) but some release liner notes (1995 release) mention how Russian State Symphony Orchestra “has given innumerable concerts together with the Russian State Symphonic Cappella”. It also mentions how Polyansky (in 1992) “became Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of
the Russian State Symphonic Cappella and Russian State Symphony Orchestra”. According to Wikipedia State Symphony Capella of Russia is sometimes known as Russian State Symphony Orchestra. There’s a mistake somewhere or Polyansky conducts 2 ensembles which both could use same English name.

According to liner notes Russian State Symphony Orchestra was “formed some ten years ago by the conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky” (1995 release) but State Symphony Capella of Russia is having principal conductors since 1957 listed on Wikipedia.

Liner notes of another release mention this about Russian State Symphony Orchestra: “Polyansky took over as Principal Conductor in 1992 and contributed to the continuing expansion of the Orchestra by successfully merging it with the State Symphonic Cappella”.

This means that both sources are talking about the same orchestra:
Liner notes: Russian State Symphony Orchestra + State Symphonic Cappella = Russian State Symphony Orchestra
Wikipedia: USSR Ministry of Culture Symphony Orchestra + USSR State Chamber Choir = State Symphony Capella of Russia (sometimes known as Russian State Symphony Orchestra)

It seems that with some Chandos releases cover credits 2 artists when officially there’s been just one artist since the merge. Chandos continued using separate names even 4 years after orchestra & choir was merged.

All the confusion isn’t just because of different aliases. It’s often considered that orchestra just expanded by merging a choir with it. We would need someone understanding Russian to find out if old orchestra & new ensemble (orchestra & choir) should be merged. Chandos release mentions how orchestra was expanded, Wikipedia lists conductors from 1957, and website of the ensemble is full of history before 1991.

Seems I forgot to reply earlier to this:

I agree, this orchestra has nothing to do with the another one.