Using annotation for later use?

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@Zas You wrote this annotation:

Do you do that this way to process all this informations later?
Or is this the way for import scripts to save such informations?

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FWIW, I personally often use annotations for stuff that I don’t feel like relationshipifying right now, and especially stuff that can’t properly be relationshipified within the current system/options.


Yes, because i don’t have time to relationshipify (as Freso said) all the releases i import, and also because those informations may disappear from source before they are fully entered as relationships.

I do it mosly for small/unknown bands, because it is often hard to find infos about those bands (especially years after the release of their sole EP…), sometimes relationships are incomplete so i just keep that around to check what is missing later.

Since i lack of time, i always expect another editor to do it :wink: But once the annotation data was carefully checked and properly entered it should be removed.

Import scripts don’t do it automatically (and shouldn’t imho), but i do it a lot for Bandcamp imported releases because Bandcamp annotation is usually worthy (being written by label or artist). Many of those are just what appear on physical releases, i just take care to not copy information not matching the release (for example, CD catno, or packaging info).


I was wondering if I should start copying the short descriptions from bandcamp release page to annotations. Because there’s almost always a short write-up.

I’m importing this EP at the moment: and I thought that, well, since it’s first-hand (coming from the artist or the label), promotional info about the release, why not include it on musicbrainz?

Because (precisely because it’s written by the artist or the label) it’s copyrighted, while our annotation field is specifically Creative Commons licensed :slight_smile:

Ok then. I assume that cover arts are copyrighted as well, but we can add them since they’re not stored on mb servers, right?

“for later use” implies you are going to actually come back to it. It shouldn’t mean “let someone else deal with it a few years from now when they come to the entry”.

That, plus we don’t claim they’re actually creative commons licensed. The annotation is mostly supposed to be for MB stuff - it’s fine to paste a list of credits there if for whatever reason you can’t add them (no time or whatever), but not promo text or liner notes :slight_smile: