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I was wondering if we could try to get a deal with the Japanese Website as it has a lot of information about older anime songs and I am willing to help with adding those songs however the guy who runs the site dislikes me a lot in fact he dislikes foreignors cause of the way we edit on his site heck even if we show proof of edits he still gets very angry sadely but maybe he will be willing if we can convince him to let us use his site as a place for info cause I learned a lot of info from his website

I used to get upset at foreigners editing the Wikipedia pages I patrolled.
There’s language and translation issues that often arise. Google translate only does so much. Taking Spanish class in high school only gets you so far. Unless you are a fluent speaker of the language, I’ve always found it best not to edit. It is better to take it to the discussion pages to request that someone else do it.

But, now my question for you -
Why does MB want to edit that site? Can’t we just copy their info onto MB and edit it here the way we do everything else.

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Well the thing is woudnt you want to credit the site for info that isnt online anymore cause there is a lot of info anison has because a majority of the info the site has is usually missing on older cds so were very lucky to have it. He didnt get mad at me for using translations No I put all the information in japanese to make sure it matched but since he wanted proof that everything was real and what not and not actually doing some work himself and relying on just me to find info heck he woudnt even allow a old school archive site to get used as sources even though the site had been taken off and only exist through archives

I don’t think that’s bad, it means that all of his data is very high quality. If you don’t meet his requirements (eg don’t have a release in hand?) that’s up to him.

Feel free to add the information to MB though, although we do ask that you provide sources we don’t require anything for you to start editing.
You also don’t have to ask for permission to use them as a source for MB - data like tracklists and catalogue numbers etc don’t ‘belong’ to a site like that.

So basically… go for it!
You can then use tags or collections to keep track of your additions/anime songs.

One thing you could do is ask MB to add to the whitelist for relationships to other database, so we can link our releases to theirs, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re after.

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yeah I want them to whitelist the website as another database

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Do you think you could open a ticket for it?
There’s lots here you can base it off:"whitelist"

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be added :slight_smile:


As the person who actually decides on these things: what @aerozol said :wink:

Make sure to specify which types of entities it applies to. Artists? Releases? Labels? List everything that applies, and an example URL for each


Hopefully I make sense cause my writing could be Jobbled

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I was wondering how long it usually takes to respond to a request like I did

I am sorry to ask but I was wondering how long it usually takes to accept or decline a website as a source

Not long, but we’re all doing summit stuff right now :slight_smile: I’ll look into it soonish.

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may I ask for a update

Have you made the ticket as requested?
If so, please paste the link here. :slight_smile:
What’s needed minimum to know, in such a ticket, is to explain what MB entities are affected and what page URL pattern for every entity is.

update cf. some examples:"other%20databases"
And an example of Japanese music DB with how entity to URL is explained (as an example):

update (2) I found your ticket:
And updated it with MB Entity / Anison page matching table.
Please review and make the description a lot smaller if you don’t want to wait for ages because nobody understands walls of text. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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From your ticket, maybe AR stands for ARRANGED VERSION.

its more like alternate or cover version as its a tv show in japan they have covers of songs

how do i make it a table