Userscript 'MusicBrainz: Batch-add "performance-of" relationships' broken

Tags: #<Tag:0x00007f4d59b9f4a8>

On the “recordings” page of any artist I tried:

Uncaught TypeError: _.chain(...).map(...).object is not a function
at batch_recording_rels (<anonymous>:256:10)
at <anonymous>:1295:3
at Window.tms_64e75b66_b8fe_44cb_b124_408f8d7db93c (eval at E_c (:3:298), <anonymous>:20:15)
at <anonymous>:2:479
at eval (eval at E_c (:3:298), <anonymous>:3:1)
at eval (eval at E_c (:3:298), <anonymous>:4:3)
at Object.eval (eval at E_c (:3:298), <anonymous>:1318:6)
at <anonymous>:2:479
at Object.E_c (<anonymous>:3:296)
at ha (eval at exec_fn (:2:27), <anonymous>:61:376)
at Object.create (eval at exec_fn (:2:27), <anonymous>:70:259)
at f (eval at exec_fn (:2:27), <anonymous>:15:237)

(with TamperMonkey in Chrome)

Same message
TypeError: _.chain(…).map(…).object is not a function
with ViolentMonkey in Firefox.

There should be checkboxes on each recording, linked works and additional buttons,
none of them are visible anymore.

Maybe this is related to Server Update 2017-12-21, the script has worked before this update.

I didn’t add a JIRA ticket yet, because this is a userscript, no “official” MusicBrainz function.

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It is a @Bitmap script. You can report bugs at where it has recently moved.