Userscript Gurus: What have I broken that means I don't see AcoustIDs when merging?

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I have this set of scripts installed on my copy of Vivaldi:

But something is wrong. When I do a merge of Recordings I don’t see the AcoustIDs even though there is a column for them.

Any thoughts? Are there settings I can check\reset to bring these back?

On a similar thread - how can I get an AcoustID to show on a Recording page? This seems to be the most logical place for it to appear, but I can’t see it.

Yeah, I know I have a randomly cobbled together list of userscripts. They are all very useful for one thing or another and a thanks goes to the various authors.

You haven’t broken anything. The 2nd image is from my “Compare AcoustIDs easier” userscript which has been broken for 6+ months. I think it broke because of the ongoing “React” update, but I never got around to fix it since I honestly didn’t think anyone except for me was using it. I rarely use this merge strategy myself so I temporarily disabled this feature on my dev version that I use on my own computer. I’ll try to find some time to fix it this weekend.

Last image: This never worked, at least not with my userscript, but I guess that I could add this to the “new features to be added” list. But is there really a need for this? There’s already a tab for fingerprints next to the “overview” tab where you can find and unlink acoutids.


Thanks @joiletjake - good that is wasn’t me who broke it with a combo of scripts. No need to fix it on my behalf, but it certainly would be handy to see there on that page. Makes the Final Check before Merge that much easier.

As to the Fingerprints tab on the Recording page. Doh! :man_facepalming:That made me literally laugh out loud. I had never seen that tab in all the years of looking at the page. :rofl: Maybe my mind was looking for AcoustID, but that is so much quicker to bring up and compare when doing a merge.

I don’t do much with AcoustIDs, but on a merge like that it is one of the items I check from the checklist. Due to me being daft and blind and not seeing the obvious Fingerprints tab I’d end up clicking loads of steps to get back to seeing a Release page.

You’ve already saved me from those clicks. I’ve learnt something new today. Thanks.

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Yeah, I can see why “fingerprints” might be confusing if you weren’t around when PUIDs was the standard. I also think there was a short period where PUID and Acoustids were used side by side before the former was deprecated.

Anyway, I’ve updated the userscript now and almost everything is working as expected. I found a new minor bug which happens when the parameter “returnto” is in url on the “merge recording” page, which leads to that the acoustids never gets added to the page. It appears to be caused by the query string being too long, but I didn’t have time to look in to it further. A temp fix is to manually remove everything after the “?” in the url and then reload the page.

This is how it looks at the moment. The script adds acoustids to all pages that shows merge recording edits. I’m planning on adding show/hide buttons in a future update, if the acoustid lists are too long. The userscript should update automatically but here’s the link in case it doesn’t work:


Superb work there @joiletjake. Checked here and it is looking good. Updates have arrived. That certainly saves loads of clicks when checking a merge. And not just the ones I have created, but those that pop-up in the subscribe edits list. Very very handy, double-plus-good work there. :+1:

And even TRM before them! :wink::timer_clock:
It’s like the Nexus 6:

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. New Edit Systems that would forever stay a dream. Performances that would also act as works before turning into recordings once passing through the NGS. I scanned and sent TRM, PUID, ISRC, AcoustID. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die. :scream:


Or like tickets in a never ending queue:joy:

We need more answers in the form of film quotes or lyrics. Superb work @jesus2099 :partying_face:

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That would be awesome. Some are quite long.
And if it’s not too much to ask, highlighting shared AcoustIDs similar to the INLINE STUFF script could be of assistance as well.


Show/hide buttons are still on the to-do list but will probably not be added before the summer holidays start. This is a common problem with popular recordings and recordings that are close to the most common “single” lengths. There appears to be something wrong with how the acoustid matching code works or that users simply don’t know how to match recordings in Picard or whatever program they are using. I feel that there should be some type of check to see if the lengths are similar and if possible also check if the recording titles are at least somewhat similar. I’m guessing that probably 10+ of the acoustids attached to that recording of “Billie Jean” are bad matches. I found an example of extremely bad matching when I was updating the script last month. It has hundreds of incorrect acoustids: The Romantics - “What I Like About You”

I’ve added highlighting to the wish list. This is a minor issue imo but I can definitely see the need for it. It mainly becomes annoying when more than one recording have many acoustids which is quite rare to see these days. The script currently only sorts the acoustids in ascending order to ease the comparison, which in most cases is enough imo


Just a short update: The show/hide buttons has now been added. This also means that the userscript now has more features than it originally had, so I decided to also add “user settings” so that you can turn the features that you don’t like on/off, along with some options to customize how the acoustids appears on the screen. It think everything is working as it should but let me know if you find any bugs.