Userscript blocking "add a new entity" windows from working - please help!

I recently migrated from Chrome to Firefox in preparation for the rollout of Manifest V3 next year, and in the process had to re-download and install all the userscripts I had previously been using (as this step was not included in the migration process, plus I moved from Tampermonkey to Violentmonkey). I managed to get back most all the scripts I previously had, plus some new ones.
Well, I think one or more of the scripts I installed is interfering with the pop-up windows in the MB release editor. The windows will appear, but the “Enter edit” button stays grayed out. Has anyone else had this problem?
The only other add-ons I’m running are uBlock Origin and DuckDuckGo. I previously used these two together in Chrome for years with no issues, so I doubt either one is the culprit.

(Side note: I would provide a list of scripts I have installed, but I don’t know how to paste links from inside the add-on. Is it even possible?)

Changes in the latest Violentmonkey version plus lazy match rules (the offending script is running on all MB pages currently) are causing this behaviour:

I’ve found a work-around to stop the script from running in inline dialogs, but I didn’t have the time for a proper fix (i.e. precise match rules) yet, nor did @ROpdebee.

Edit: I’ve now deployed my temporary fix to prevent further problems, please update the script and inline entity submission should be working again.


You will have to try with all scripts off to see if it works, then enable scripts one by one until you spot the script that bugs.

@kellnerd already identified the culprit, per the process you described.
Sure enough, I flipped the switch on that script while adding a release and I was able to add artists!