User uploading his own home/amateur YT recordings as releases? How to report/edit?

A 15-16 year old musician who records YT videos of himself and his friends has entered himself on this site, added his group (composed of him and 2 friends), and added a bunch of releases. There are no releases, just YouTube videos that he has uploaded of himself and the “group” playing in the garage, room or yard. The user has been trying to add “setlists” on of these recordings, which are not live shows, no tickets, no real audience.

The artist/user doing the entry:
The 3 member Group:

I’ve looked through the documentation and couldnt find the answer to this question so posting here hoping it’s the right place. thanks!

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If they have a band, there’s nothing wrong with them adding it :slight_smile: I wouldn’t add a release for a youtube video, though, just a standalone recording.

The thing does seem like an issue, but that’s more of a issue (are they also adding events for these sessions in MuiscBrainz?)

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