Urgent assistance request on album merge about to go through in a day

I have searched under “help” and “merge albums” and whilst there is a list of results for the latter, I can’t something that relates to my situation.

I am currently subscribed to this artist:

You will see that an album Forgotten Tree is dated 2011.
This is incorrect. It should read 2020. As can also be seen I did seek assistance on this merge and the merges beneath it and I made the merges votable. They have received one vote and at the time of writing are all about to go through in a day. I have tried to “add a note” but feel isolated as to what to do.
Surely the former albums should be merged INTO the latter ones? That is what I chose and it is the latter ones (which have the work done on them.

The former releases are nowhere available. At the moment - certainly with Forgotten Tree it says
2011 and the disambiguation is “green album cover”. The green album cover is for the 2020 release. So confusion has occurred.

I do not know what else to do or how to cry out for help. Please could someone assist me. Thank you.

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The merges of the release groups look good! I would leave the releases themselves separate, as there are cover art differences on the releases themselves, and we do store ‘historic’ releases that aren’t available.

You don’t have to worry about votes. A ‘no’ vote is the only thing that would stop an edit going through.

I’ve removed the disambiguations from a couple of the release groups, as they wont apply after they’ve been merged (as happened with ‘forgotten tree’)

Edit: Just saw your initial comment that the release groups should have the later date set. That doesn’t seem quite right to me - MB uses the earliest official release date for the release group. In the case of ‘Forgotten Tree’ that was 2011, which seems right. Am I missing something? Why should it be 2020 instead?


This release was added in 2011, so it cannot be a 2020 release.

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Discogs page for the album also added ten years ago with a White cover

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