Upload metadata from existing music files

I’d like to be able to create a new release in Musicbrainz by uploading metadata from existing music files on my PC. Is there a tool that will let me do this? I’d like to extract the track images and data and use it in a new submission. Of course I understand that it may not be able to match artists and stuff in the database, I’m OK with verifying some stuff manually to make sure there is a match.

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You can use Add Cluster as Release Picard plugin or feature.


I’ve found a way to get embedded images from your files using Picard:

  1. in Picard options, go to Cover Art and check “Save cover images as separate files”. you can also uncheck “Save only a single front image as separate file” if you’ve got some with multiple cover arts embedded.
  2. drag your files into the left panel (or the middle panel if you’ve got 3)
    • you can use “Cluster” at this point if you want, but it’s not necessary.
    • if your files aren’t already in individual album folders, you might want to make sure Picard will move your files too. otherwise you’ll end up with a mess… :wink: the default move settings should work nicely~
  3. don’t lookup or scan the files. instead, select all the files you want the artwork from, right-click, and Save while they’re in the left panel.
  4. that will put the cover art in the same folder as the audio files, the default file name is “cover”

I’ve had a lot of success with this method, I hope it helps!~

Oh this is really nice. Will the Add Cluster as Release plugin automatically upload cover images like this? I think Musicbrainz website won’t let you add cover images in the initial edit, it seems like you have to first submit it then go back and edit again to upload images. So maybe this won’t be eligible for automation.

unfortunately, it won’t… Add cluster as release only fills out track, artist, album, and maybe some other release information. cover art is a separate step

you might be able to automate the artwork with a MusicBrainz userscript or something, although I’m not familiar with how those work myself. maybe @jesus2099 or @aerozol would know?

also, don’t forget to double-check the MusicBrainz database for your releases. a lot of them may already be there. if you do indeed have a different release, (i.e. different barcode, tracklist, cover art, etc.) there may still be a release group to add your releases to.

don’t worry too much about it though, if you do add an exact duplicate, they can always be merged :wink:

here’s the beginner’s guide, in case you haven’t found it~