Untangling track length: Four to the Floor

I’ve stumbled onto some confusion about track length for Starsailor’s Four to the Floor.

It started here, where two tracks clearly don’t fit with the others. The one from the compilation matches the length for the album version so I’ve already entered an edit for that.

The issue is the one labeled “radio edit” which is way off on length. I verified on Discogs and Wikipedia that it should be the same length as the others. I was going to edit the track lengths (the other track is also wrong based on Discogs - at first I thought they’d just been reversed), but there’s a disc ID preventing that.

How would you proceed from here?

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Remove the DiscID?

Do you have the correct DiscID? History shows this was a pre-NGS discID so could be for a different release.

No, I don’t have a disc for that one. I had the same thought as you but I hate to mess with disc IDs unless absolutely necessary.

The editor who added it only ever did seven edits, and cancelled four of those. If you can’t see any other reason for those lengths I think you are safe removing it.

There is a “Thin White Duke Mix” of that length. So maybe this is a remix single?

Search Link: Starsailor - Recordings - MusicBrainz


There may be single with the remix, but in that case it would be still be the wrong disc ID for this release as otherwise described, which does exist.

This is the remix single currently on MB

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I was trying to sift through Discogs. Can’t find a two track CD that fits.

Maybe just move the discID to a new release set to low quality and label it as “unknown” tracks? Or use a best guess that track 1 is likely (Thin White Duke mix)(radio edit) ?

Is it really worth making a whole new “unknown” release for the disc id? If someone was able to identify what that disc id goes to, they would already have the disc in hand and could add it again.

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I thought you said you didn’t want to delete it? :slightly_smiling_face:

The one known at the moment is it is in the wrong place. Deleting it makes sense. :fire: :fire: :fire:And just let someone re-add it if they have it.

Meanwhile I cleared out that bogus Indian release with a 4:14. That one had multiple tracks with badly linked recordings.