Unsure on what's the right style for these multivolume releases

There are three volumes of this work, but I will focus on volume two as I uploaded the cover art recently and that can be helpful for this discussion. The others follow the same pattern.

Release Release “Tríptico. Volumen II” by Silvio Rodríguez - MusicBrainz has its title stylized as “Tríptico. Volumen II”. However the front cover has it stylized like this “Tríptico (volumen dos)”, the spine as “Tríptico vol. 2” (as per guidelines that would translate to “Tríptico, vol. 2” and the media as “Tríptico. vol 2”.

I am unsure which of those would be the correct one. I am inclined to using the front cover style “Tríptico (volumen dos)”. But I am not sure if this is correct.

The same applies to volumes one and three.

Thanks for your advise :slight_smile:

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Guidelines should be helpful when there is a conflict between editors or when a single editor cannot decide due to inconsistencies.

I think VolumeNumberStyle guideline dates from before NGS, when all editions with same disc ID were gathered in a single release, with all different release events (date country catalogue barcode), but only one title.
Also series didn’t exist so to artificially link (relate) volumes of a series, release titles would be normalised (including adding Volume 1 even when the first volume was not numbered yet on its original release).
But IMO this is no longer the need.

I would link the 3 release groups in a series and I would follow what is printed for each release title, unless someone wants to challenge this.

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Thanks for your input. Just one doubt:

I would follow what is printed for each release title

OK but printed where? My main doubt is that in cover, spine, and medium, the style is different.

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But it’s just my thoughts. :sweat_smile:

My priority order would be spine, cover, medium.
But it can be case by case common sense.

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