Unlink releases

I have a problem with linked releases (releases with a track list based on another release). For this release:

the track index for the first two tracks is different, wrong: track 1 includes the intro to track 2, while on all other releases the track index is correct. From a previous discussion about Nektar and Pink Floyd I learnt that these should be different versions with an explanation on what is happening plus the relations to the works should be correct.

But when I added new recordings for this release (I added a note about the wrong index and track 1 having the intro to track 2, and track 2 missing its intro), all other releases were changed as well.

How do I fix this?

The problem is that your edit which creates the new recordings is still open and has not applied yet. So instead of disambiguating the new recordings in your subsequent edits, you accidentally edited the old recordings.
P.S. Iā€™ve approved the medium edit, you should be able to proceed now.


Ah, so I followed the right procedure but I was too impatient to wait for the edits. Thanks for pointing it out, I changed the recording comments and will wait for all edits to be applied before I change something else. Thanks!

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