Unknown title of release - use what I can?

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I’ve got a release with most of the cover in Dari and Pashto, which are languages I don’t understand.

I’m planning to follow the advice at Untitled classical releases and include what I can (the artist’s name as it is in Latin script).

Here is the album. (Nashenas)

Anyone here literate in Dari or Pashto?


If you do not find someone to type it, you can still leave an annotation to explain that the actual title is missing and has to be transcribed from the front cover, whose image you can add to the cover art of the release.


Annotation pointing to cover art in place.
Maybe more complicated than typing in the script - the blogger implies that he can read the normal script of this language/s but describes the “font” used as “a graphic form of calligraphy”.


I can’t decipher arabic script either, but from cross-correlating with the first track, the release title seems to be aahuuye mushkeen.

I was going to suggest to search for other Pashto releases, and contact their editors, but most of them seem to hark from you… Maybe search for lang:ara releases instead?


I’ve come to a similar conclusion as to the title.
The actual title is in Pushto/Dari - and that is inaccessable to me due to lack of language.

For transliterations; “aahuuye mushkeen” is competing with other, somewhat similar transliterations of the first track, “yaarab aan aahuuye mushkeen” from Washerman’s Dog and “Ahwi Mashkeen” from
Maybe “Ahwi Mashkeen” is the way to go - if only on the basis that it looks the more easily intelligible.

That’s a good idea about contacting lang:ara editors.