Uncredited artist

If there’s an artist which was involved in a recording but was uncredited, should they be linked to the recording?
If so, then what should I write under “Credited as” field?

I think that would be in the realm of a relationship, rather than the ‘credited as’ field.

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I think there should be some way to signify it’s uncredited, maybe an uncredited check box?

It would only work on release level. For a recording, the artist may be uncredited on one release, but credited on the next one. Recording relationships must be kept more general.


So why do recording-artist relationship have a credited as field?


If the spelling is consistently different than the artist name on MB, the artist should be “credited as”
For example: Meshell Ndegeocello - MusicBrainz
On her first 3 albums the spelling was different, that’s also the case for the recording artist.

EDIT: I checked again. it’s not true for the recording relationships, but it could have been done. Very often it is a matter of feeling whether “credited as” should be used… :wink: