Unanimous votes

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For edits I read at the right side that 3 unanimous votes would quickly close it (by accepting, I assume). I have several edits in the queue with 4 “yes” votes but it still says “voting closes in x days”. Is that a bug or a misunderstanding on my part?


If they’re so-called “destructive” edits (such as merges and removals) you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the changes to be applied. From the Editing FAQ:

If your edit receives three unanimous yes votes, it will generally be applied after 1 hour. If it is considered a destructive edit, however, the edit will be applied after 48 hours to allow adequate time for other editors to review.


Thanks! Blame it on Corona that I feel the need for more interaction today instead of directly going to the FAQ.


Just as an afterthought, maybe the remaining open time could be changed dynamically by the server depending on votes?

If there is a no vote, the closing must not occur less than 2 days after the no vote (so that it does not fail without giving time to explain more), so, sometimes, the open period is automatically extended.

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