Unable to remove duplicate tracklist

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hi i’m new to musicbrainz, i’m trying to remove duplicate tracklist under medium 1 and medium 2
but unable to remove/delete it.
how do i do this ?

under ‘Release information’
Format: 2×Digital Media

i want to remove 1 of the digital media because it is a duplicate.

You should Edit the release then go to Tracklists tab of the release editor to remove the redundant medium.

Once done, you will be back to release page but the redundant medium should now be orange, meaning that there are edits pending, including your remove, which will apply in one week to let the others review the edit.

You can see the pending edits by clicking Open edits in the sidebar, or all past edits by clicking Edit history.

By the way, I found your release and queued the removal edit.

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