Unable to add data tracks to 'USB Flash Drive' format media

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I’m trying to add a release that is on a USB flash drive, and it has 3 pieces of bonus content on as well as the album, including a video recording, and a photoset. If this were a CD, usually I would check the ‘this contains data tracks at the end’, however this is not an option for the USB format. Since a USB can hold any type of data, and are probable the way for an artist to include digital bonus content with an album, as photos and videos tagged onto the end of a CD have to be pretty low quality to fit, and USBs can be much higher capacity, it seems like this should be an option that is available.

On digital media, you can add all tracks sequentially, be they audio only and/or video.
You need to check the video flag of the recordings, this way they will appear as video tracks in the release.

@jesus2099 How do I do that? I can’t find a ‘video’ option when adding new tracks.

You can create new recordings from Recordings tab, search create new, check video.
Our just add the new release with all its tracks then edit created recordings to check video.
Any way, it’s not really that convenient.

Here is an example of such a release:

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