Ulterior Motives / Everyone Knows That on Musicbrainz!

As some of you may know, up until a few days ago, there was a search for a lost song that is known by the names “Everyone Knows That” and “Ulterior Motives”. It all started when a user on watzatsong.com uploaded a 17 second clip of it for identification in 2021. People started to notice the song and in 2023 the search really took off and there’s even a dedicated subreddit. On the 29th of April this year, a redditor discovered it on a pornographic film called Angels of Passion. As he and a friend found out through their research, it was written by Christopher Saint Booth and Philip Adrian Booth specifically for that film, which is why the song proved so obscure and hard to find. This is a fortunate event and I’m glad it was found, as I had been following the search for a while. However, up until yesterday, there didn’t seem to be anything related to the song on Musicbrainz, so I took the liberty of creating a work for it and entities for the two writers (here and here). I’ve also added a standalone release for the original 17 second clip that started it all, a bootleg release and a remix. I did this, because I think Musicbrainz should acknowledge the search and everything that came out of it as well as help preserve the song by including as much metadata about it as possible. I’d be very happy if any of you would like to join in and add the bootlegs and remixes you come across.


That’s the first time I heard about that story, I laughed a lot. The comments at reddit are gold.
Nice work for bringing that here. :slight_smile: