UI improvements in MusicBrainz

Hi. My name is Himanshu. I am very much interested in participating with MusicBrainz in GSOC 2019 and propose the idea of improving the Components in React and adding any other major UI deficiences in it.

All suggestions are welcomed. I would really love to get a reply.

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There are quite a lot of tickets hanging around on UI issues, some could even be considered bugs. Maybe you can choose some from those.

One wish I personally have: more links to records outside. All of the iDs to for instance BMI, IPI etc.

One major one: the site as a whole is not responsive. And this puts off a lot of new users, as they say: this other site has many more records to browse through, and can be viewed on my smartphone…

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Hi. I’ll be closing this topic. Making a single topic about this should be sufficient. :slight_smile: Please refer to GSOC 2019 - UX improvements for further discussion!

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