Type for link to release page of the label?

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  1. Some labels have a webpage for a specific release (e.g. CD or Vinyl).

    I’ve seen “purchase for mail-order” (if the label sells directly), “discography entry” or “page in a database”.
    IMHO a discography strives for completeness, but most labels remove pages for unavailable releases. “Page in a database” doesn’t sound right either.
    What do you prefer? Or do we need a new external link type for the release entity?

  2. Some labels have a single webpage for a release group (e.g. CD and Vinyl).

    I’ve seen the types “standalone website” and “other databases”.
    What do you prefer?


This is what we generally use, up to the point where some labels that don’t allow purchasing the music directly (like Naxos) autoselect to it.


Would be nice to have something more specific to label. Maybe something like Label catalog.


For the release or the release group or both?


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